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The Eyes of the Desert Sand , by Edwin Wolfe

The Eyes of the Desert Sand (Chrysalis Chronicles #1)
Hardcover, First, 320 pages
Published January 11th 2012 by Aauvi House Publishing Group
edition language
How many parents would believe their thirteen year old son who told them that two vampires and a hooded stranger had tried to abduct him? Strange thing is, young Ethan Fox is convinced his parents, George and Betsy do believe him. Could it have something to do with the mysterious poem he wrote in his sleep? Or maybe it has something to do with his past, the past he cannot remember before his eighth birthday. Something strange is afoot, and it is about to turn Ethan’s world upside down.While vacationing with his parents, to get away from the crazy events of the previous two weeks, Ethan encounters a young girl named Haley Hunt who he is strongly drawn to… and the feeling is mutual. Together, Ethan and Haley are lured to The Residence, home of the Caretakers, an organization of intelligent beings sent to earth to nurture the human race and protect them from un-earthly influences.Armed with special abilities, including the power to evolve any earthly creature, the Caretakers take in their unexpected guests. They have been watching young Ethan Fox, and are curious as to why the Grimleavers, their mortal enemy on earth, would want to abduct a young human child. Together, Ethan and Haley journey to magical worlds, make new friends, and help the Caretakers unravel the stories greatest mysteries. Along the way, they learn that the Caretakers have been here since the beginning of human history and have played a key role in shaping human lore. In their world, vampires, werewolves, trolls, and even Medusa herself really do exist but have been kept hidden from the human world around them. Ethan is the key as they ultimately discover the Grimleavers true intentions, to unlock the four portals to the elemental worlds of the Chrysalis
My Review
Im really not sure what to make nor think of this book. Its not the sort of book that I would perhaps pick up on a day to day basis because it had no real context or style to it. The grammar and writing style of the book was very poorly done and the whole plot of it seemed to be nothing but an introduction to the series which made me wonder kind of why I was reading it. But none the less, I read it and there were some interesting artifacts and images to it that seemed to make it come alive in so many ways. The story starts with a young boy and his family but the young boy seems to have all these thoughts about things that are not even true.  He writes a poem that sparks worry and conflict between his parents and his dad is hiding something from him that leaves him interested even more in his parents concern for a silly poem. 
The book then moves on to a family outing to the fair where he meets a girl who seems to follow him around and then locates him at the beach. It turns out that she has no idea who she is or how she got there which of course makes you instantly interested to know more about her. I think this is where the book starts to loose the plot for me a little because a bunny in a waist coat then appears and leads them down a whole in the ground. Of course this is evidently and quite clearly, Alice in wonderland, but at the same time it seems to add a little dash of curiosity to the novel. So anyway, both of the kids are now down the rabbit hole and the world becomes far more confusing, more looney than ever. its a completely alien world and yet at the same time there not aliens, or so they say.
The whole story is basically about finding out who the bad guy is and that becomes obvious from the minute you are made aware of the whole situation which kind of makes you wonder why you picked up the book to read something that is so obvious in the first place. I mean, yes  there is principles for the series to build and to become more self engaging and powerful. But at the same time, its just far to obvious for my liking and then the ending just seemed really lame. The character that was the main one from the beginning becomes no longer wanted or needed and is thrown in the trash just like that. How can that work exactly? Perhaps the series will tell but to be quite frank and honest, I'm not even sure if I want to find out. it just seems so very lacking in so many ways.
I do think that perhaps the author could write something so much more interesting in many ways, but I think that perhaps he needs to work on a few things at the same time. a good try but not quite my book this time. perhaps another time. 
didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing  

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