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Morrigan's Brood , by Heather Poinsett Dunbar

Morrigan's Brood (Morrigan's Brood, #1)
Paperback, Second Edition, 312 pages
Published January 15th 2012 by Triscelle Publishing (first published December 21st 2009)
1937341003 (ISBN13: 9781937341008)
edition language
original title
Morrigan's Brood
Beal Atha an Fheada, Eire (Ireland)
Dyrham, Briton (United Kingdom)
Almikhlaf Alsulimani, Arabia (Saudi Arabia)
Portus Itius (Gaul) (France)
Loch Garman, Eire (Ireland)
Divio, Kingdom of the Franks (France)
Ard Mhacha, Éire (United Kingdom)
Apona, Briton (United Kingdom)
Mhuine Conlon, Eire (Ireland)
Constantinople (Turkey)
Alexandria, Egypt (Egypt)
Leuphana (Germany)
Cill Ala, Eire (Ireland)
Caletum, Francia (France)
Rathcrogan, Eire (Ireland)
Newgrange, Eire (Ireland)
Caesar's landing, Briton (United Kingdom)
Shiraz, Persia (Iran)
Jerusalem (Israel)
Rome (Italy)
Samobrivia, Gallia Lugdunensis (France)
Bath, England (United Kingdom)

Evil reigns throughout much of the western world in the mid sixth century. Following the collapse of the Roman Empire, a group of blood-drinkers called the Lamia begin the search for a long, lost relic that will restore power to the Roman Empire. After traveling much of the known world, the Lamia discover the relic's location: Ireland. The Lamia invasion forces win a foothold on the Island of Eire and hasten their search for this most important relic.Standing in their way is an outcast Roman general from many ages before, a Briton who would rather tell bawdy jokes than fight, and a young woman who has found her newly acquired lands under siege by a manipulative Lamia seeking vengeance against his oldest foe. They are not alone.The Lamia are not the only blood-drinking line on earth. A race called the Deargh Du, who draw their lineage from the Goddess Morrigan, will rise up and face the challenges of those who would tip the balance.Join the Journey, the first in a series of stories revolving around the Deargh Du through the ages

My Review
For a book that started of pretty slow, it was actually an engaging and well thought out book. It had something very unique to it and yet it could be classified as a fantasy novel. I think that a lot of authors are afraid to stand out from the crowd and breach out into the topics that others find hard to focus on.  admit the first few chapters were really slow moving, and for a while I wondered what I was actually reading. At the beginning we find ourselves back in the roman times, where ceaser was planning take over as many countries as he can. Marcus is ceasers friend and companion, the one who helps him to achieve his friends. But on this quest he is having to deal with an enemy, an annoying pain in the backside known as marabutis. The scenes change quite a lot throughout the whole novel and at the beginning  it is slightly more easier to follow because you are mostly moving with these two main characters as they go off to war. It turns out the Marcus is betrayed by marabutis and he seeks out his revenge on him, pinning him to a tree by his arms.

We would probably say that this is enough to kill a person, but not in this case. He is saved by creatures that are unlike any other. they are clearly not human and they are not quite vampire. I think this is probably what helps to make the book stand out because creatures are introduced, and although they are similar to one another, they also stand out as very different. Now probably one of the biggest and main characters in the morrigan, who the book is titled after. she is the mother of the creatures of night of the creatures of balance. she makes sure that those who die unfairly are balanced by a death of those that deserve to die. she wants to bring balance to the earth and she does so with her sons and daughters. However, marcus is going around killing people of her land, people who do not deserve to die and as a result she curses him to a life where he will never see death, where he is condemmend to one plot of land and he can not leave. she wants him to drive himself so insane that he dies.

Eventually though she learns that he is not as bad as he is and when he redeems himself by protecting the life of an innocent person, she allows him to live and helps him to become a much bigger and more important person. I loved following the story of marcus in particular because you can see that he has become the sort of guy who wants nothing more than to make things better in life. He doesnt want to cause death to the unnecessary, he just wants to get on.

The book is well written but it is confusing if you don't pay full attention to it. there is perhaps a few too many characters within the story and there is perhaps a few many scenarios in which we have to pay attention to. this can be a disadvantage  because it means that it is easy for the reader to get lost and confused with what they are actually reading. However the whole outline and plot of the book is very well thought out and actually has some wonderful imagery and  captivating scenes within it that others can enjoy. I loved the whole novel and I would be quite happy to invest in the rest of the series. I felt that it really stood out from the cliche crowd. it had its own context and style to it, making it much more refreshing and enjoyable to read. I would certainly advise giving it a go.
didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing

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