2011 Challenges

100+ Reading Challenge 2011

Read more about the rules at My Overstuffed Bookshelf.
The reviews of the books that I read that count towards this challenge, will be linked on this page.

1. Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead
2. The valley of horses by Jean M. Auel
3. The Magicians Apprentice by Trudi canavan
4. David Nicholls- One Day
5.Jodi Picoult:- Change of heart
6. Jodi Picoult:-Vanishing Acts
7. Jodi Picoult:-Second Chance
8. Jodi Picoult:-Perfect Match
9. Jodi Picoult:-Mercy
10. Jodi Picoult:-Salem Falls
11. Jodi Picoult:-Keeping Faith
12. Jodi Picoult:-My sisters Keeper
13. Jodi Picoult:-Plain Truth
14. Philip Pullman:- The amber spyglass
15. Philip Pullman:- The golden compass
16. Philip Pullman:- The subtle Knife
17. Richard Preston:- The hot zone
18. Stephen King:- The shining
19. Fiona Mountain:-  The rebel heiress
20. Richard Laymon:- Funland
21. Douglas Kennedy:- The persuit of happiness
22. Rose Treman:-  The road home
23. Mackenzie Ford:- The clouds beneath the sun
24. Carlos-Ruiz zopan:-  The prince of mist
25. Sarah Black:- The postmistress
26. Rosamund Lipton:-  Afterwards
27. Charlaine Harris:- True Blood omnibus (1 to 3)
28. Barbara Ernskine:- Lady of hay
29. Barbara Ernskine Times Legacy
30. Barbara Ernskine Kingdom of shadows
31. Christopher Paolini:-  Eragon
32. Christopher Paolini:-Eldest
33. Christopher Paolini:-Brisinger
34. Rose Treman:- Trespasser
35. Harper Lee:-  to kill a mockingbird
36. Josten Goarder:- Sophies world
37. Sarah Waters:- Fingersmith
38. Cornelia Funke:- Inkheart
39. Larsson:- The girl with the dragon tattoo
40. Rachel Caine:- Glass houses
41. Rachel Caine:-the dead girls dance
42. Rachel Caine:-midnight alley
43. Rachel Caine:-feast of fools
44. Rachel Caine:-lord of misrule
45. Rachel Caine:-carpe corpus
46. Rachel Caine:-fade out
47. Rachel Caine:-kiss of death
48. Rachel Caine:-ghost town
49. Melissa de la cruz:- Blue bloods
50. Melissa de la cruz:-Revelations
51. Melissa de la cruz:-The van alen legacy
52. Stephenie Meyers:- (rereads) Twilight
53. Stephenie Meyers:-New Moon
54. Stephenie Meyers:-Eclipse
55. Stephenie Meyers:-Breaking dawn
56. Stephenie Meyers:-The short second life of bree tanner
57. Stephenie Meyers:-The host
58. Marilyn Kaye:- Out of site out of mind
59. Elizabeth Kostrova:- The historian
60. Rosemary clemement moore:- The splendour falls
61. David Wellington:- Ravaged
62. Maggie Stiefvater:- Shiver
63. Bram stroker:- Dracula
64. L.J.smith:- Night world volume one
65. Carrie jones- Need
66. Amy meredith:- Shadows
67. Christopher tslolkas:- The slap
68. Alice jamieson:- Today I’m alice
69. Audrey Niffeneggaer:- Her fearful symmetry
70. Audrey Niffeneggaer:-The time travellers wife
71. Kate Mosse:- Sepulchre
72. Kate Mosse:-The winter ghosts
73. Emma Donoghue:- Room
74. Diasy Goodwin:- My last duchess
75. Markus zusak:- The book theif
76. Anne Rice:- Interview with a vampire
77. Anne Rice:-The vampire lestat
78. Anne Rice:-The vampire armand
79. Anne Rice:-queen of the damned
80. Anne Rice:-blood and gold
81. Anne Rice:-pandora
82. Anne Rice:-vittoria the vampire
83. Anne Rice:-the mummy
84. Anne Rice:-cry to heaven
85. Anne Rice:-the feast of all saints
86. Anne Rice:-merrick
87. Anne Rice:-taltos
88. Anne Rice:-the witching hour
89. Anne Rice:-the tale of the body theif
90. Anne Rice:-Memnoch the devil
91. Anne Rice:-blackwood farm
92. Anne Rice:-lasher
93. Anne Rice:-anne rampling
94. Anne Rice:-violin
95. J.K.Rowling:- (Rereads) Harry potter and the Philosphers Stone
96. J.K.Rowling:-Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
97. J.K.Rowling:-Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban
98. J.K.Rowling:-Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
99. J.K.Rowling:-Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
100. J.K.Rowling:-Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
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