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H2O the Novel , by Austin Boyd

H2O the Novel
Paperback, 266 pages
Published November 2nd 2011 by Living Ink Books (first published October 10th 2011)
0899578063 (ISBN13: 9780899578064)
edition language
   H2O is a contemporary crossover women’s novel that tells the story of Kate Pepper, a successful young business woman in Seattle whose life is suddenly—and strangely—turned upside down. Unexplainable visions torment her every time she gets wet. Sinking into despair, frantic to avoid water at any cost, Kate ultimately finds romance and redemption through the advice of simple people who love her for who she is, not what she was.
   Kate Pepper has it all . . . a razor-sharp intellect, perfect health, stunning beauty, a wildly successful career, and all the money she can spend. Or rather, she thinks she has it all.
   Despite the perfect shell, there’s something dark inside Kate. Terrible visions send her into a deep depression and her world crumbles. All her business savvy and elite connections don’t make a difference; she has lost control.
Who will save her? Xavier, her predatory boyfriend? Or Candice, the Down syndrome waitress at her favorite coffee shop? At the bottom of her dark well, desperate to get out of the water, there’s nowhere to reach but up.
   H2O—a fascinating allegorical look at success, sanity and spiritual redemption in a young woman’s relationship with water.
My Review
Someone please tell what exactly it was that I was reading. Right from the very beginning I found myself irritated with this book. How on earth an author can describe a woman at 102 pounds as fat is beyound me, unless there writing an anorexic novel! I found this a rather disgusting factor because it seemed to paint a false sort of picture as to what a male thinks, about how all males want girls to be skinny, and anorexic, and all women think they are permanently fat. Yeah ok, we probably all think we are fat at some point or another, but 102 pounds was very unrealistic and I hated the fact that he had put this in. 
I just found there to be little to no structure to this book and hardly any point to it. so there was a catholic theme to it, I got that, but what was the whole point of the novel. Was it meant to make me believe in god? that if I touch water Ill have some sort of vision and calling to be one with god? The book was just so unrealistic and I think it was very poorly written. It was almost very much easy to tell that this was written by two authors because the structure seemed to constantly change. 
I think that perhaps there is a lot of potential here within the novel for it to be more than meets the eyes but I just felt that it was missing something, something that could have made it go ha ha I win, you wilol never forget me. I wanted to put the book down so many times. there were characters introduced that never seemed to have any real purpose or meaning to them, they were introduced but never concluded.
I just...I can't even really point out any good points about the book. Sorry guys :( I know that others will like and enjoy it, but for just was a worthless and pointless book and I did not enjoy it. 

didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing

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