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Vampire Diaries; The Return- Midnight By L.J.Smith

Paperback, 458 pages
Published 2011
edition language
original title
Midnight (The Vampire Diaries: The Return, #3)
Elena Gilbert returns, in a brand new, three part, vampire diaries sequence...

Elena returns from the Dark Dimension, having freed her vampire boyfriend Stefan Salvatore from imprisonment... but not without consequence. His salvation will demand a high price. Whilst still reeling from this latest shock, they are forced to confront the demons that have taken over Fell's Church.

Elena must make a decision that will cost her dear:
Damon or Stefan...
My Review
I had been wanting to read this for a while, but due to a lack of funding I had not been able to read it, So I was more than glad when it finally came in at the library, reserved under my name. I wanted so badly to know what had happened considering the fact that Damon had turned human at the end of the last book and Stefan had not. I was a little disappointed to not see the human side of Damon dragged out a little as I feel that perhaps there was a good story line behind that which could have been messed about with, made to really catch the readers attention. After all, its not everyday that a human turns into vampire only to then turn back into a human once more. I did enjoy the novel though, although it seemed to drag out a little and in my opinion was very very similar to the last book in the return series where they went to the dark dimension. I just feel that perhaps the plot was not outlined as well as it could have been and in some places I found myself becoming a little bored by it, wondering why I was bothering to read it, other than the fact that I needed and had to find out!!!

Perhaps the series is now being dragged out a little to much, perhaps it should have ended a book or two before, but regardless of this fact I shall continue to be a faithful fan of the series and to read them all and eventually buy them all so that I can have a complete series on my bookshelf. The romance between Stefan and Elena is as strong as ever in this book however, it is Meridith that I really wanted to get to know in this novel. It was made evident in the book before that there was something different about her and though it was mentioned a little in the book I felt that it deserved more focus, more spotlight attention because I wondered if perhaps the real story was there? After all her brother is a vampire and she is what? part vampire part human? I wonder if therefore the author was actually focusing on the wrong character this time? should the story have been about Meredith or is that to come in the next book?

There is a lot of potential in this book and although it seemed slow in some places and fast in other places, it was still a worthwhile read, just in order to see what happens. I loved the way that bonnie was portrayed in this novel as the love sick puppy, and although on the show in my opinion Stefan is made out to be the good looking one (though I refuse to watch the show merely for the fact that it does not follow the book at all!!) In my mind, when I am reading, it is Damon who is the fitter and better looking one. I just feel that the author works well with imagery in this book, making it come alive so that you not only read it but you experience it. she draws her readers in with this imagery as well as the cliff hanger endings which always leave you hugely frustrated because you find that you want to read on!!!

A wonderful series of books, though perhaps it is time that they came to a close, drew to an end and all was calm or at least calmer with perhaps a few sideline stories here and there like with the house of night series.

didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing

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