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Changeling , by Cate Tiernan

Paperback, 192 pages
Published September 5th 2002 by Puffin Books (first published December 31st 2001)
0141314842 (ISBN13: 9780141314846)
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When Morgan receives a shocking revelation about her family, she's thrown into a moral tailspin, believing that her essential nature is evil. Is her dark heritage too powerful to overcome?  
 My Review
It's still hard to believe that Morgan's dad is on the bad side and that he may want to kill her for her powers or use her for bad. But thats what I like about this book, the fact that it makes you think and feel things without letting you know what is really happening or occuring. There is just a lot of hinting and suggesting in its pages, mysteries that have yet to be solved. This of course is what causes the attraction to the book. I loved the whole brother sister thing though wished it could have been dragged out and played upon a little bit. After all, surely someone who has found their brother would want to spend time with them, know them and get to know them. At the same time though, its possible that a lot of things in that book could have been dragged out, yet then it would not be the short series that it is. I do enjoy the imagery and imagination that it holds though and the way that it seems to stick to the basic facts which makes it seem much more real, and allows its readers to identify with it.

However, I still found myself focusing on the whole Hunter Morgan thing because I wanted to know what would happen with them, if anything at all. The whole shape shifting thing at the end seemed a little rushed and not quite as dramatic. I just feel that perhaps the books could be dragged out and spread out a little more. After all, its all very good and well having all these council members and dramas and bad guys, but its a shame when you get to miss out on the good details which would surely add much more attractment to the novel itself! I suppose you could say that I was therefore a little disappointed by the ending and yet at the same time a little intrigued. Morgan has found her true father and he is paying a lot of attention to her, what is to come of that?

Plus there is still the question of Morgan using her powers for the wrong things. Is this the very thing that is going to leave her lonely and alone, hurt and broken, or will someone realize that shes not doing it for bad intentions, that shes merely doing it to gather the facts and information which she longs and desires for, and in time appears to help everyone out. The books just make you bring up a lot of questions and that of course makes you want more.
  didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing

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