Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Poison Diaries by Maryrose Wood


This was perhaps one the shortest books that I have read in a long time, and it seemed to me to be more like a young childs book than that of a teenagers book. However that did not make the story any less addictive than that of the last book I read. In fact the book drawed me in so much that I started and finished it within the space of three hours (yes ok it took me a while but I had breaks between reading it). The story was unusual and different to that of what I usually read. There was nothing to do with vampires or fallen angels or any other magical creature, but instead of a person who can hear and talk to the plants.

The story line was different and unusual and I think it is this that got me interested in the novel, because it meant that I was reading something fresh and new. The writing style was simple and easy to read and understand, and I still stand by the fact that, except for the topic, it appears more like a book for a child under the age of thirteen. However, the plot flows in a wondeful easy and engaging way, drawing you in more and more to find out what is happening and what is going on. You find yourself promising to read just one more chapter before you go to sleep, but instead you are counting down how many pages there are left to the end just to see what actually happens.

The ending is frustrating and annoying and it does not work out the way that you hope it to. Of course, most of the books I read end up in some sort of happily ever after where the two characters are in love and together but there is still some major drama causing huge problems. However with this novel this was not so. The ending of this book is therefore perfect because it makes you want the second one, it makes you want to read on to know what is going to happen. A relationship can not end on such terms and no way would you leave the love of your life within the safety and care of the person that is meant to be their father. The book was fresh and new and though perhaps not my usual sort of preferred style, it was still exciting and I really want to read the second one now just so I can find out what is happening.

So if your after a quick read thats just something to get the adrenaline racing I would indeed suggest this novel. its short, quick and simple but fresh, engaging and not in any way predictable... or well it wasnt for me.

didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing

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