Monday, 5 December 2011

Pegasus by Robin McKinley

I am a horrid person in that I tend to pick books for how interesting their covers are, but I had actually heard about this one, and so when I saw that it was avalible at my local library, I felt that I just had to grab it and give it a read. Usually I am the sort of girl who is all into the dark fantasy novels of vampires and werewolfs, but at heart I have always been the girl wanting to be a princess with her own flying pony, so this in many ways touched something personal to me that pulled me in. The book to me did seem to start of slow but I was able to see that this was necessary because it painted the outline of the story and the important characters that are to play out throughout the novel. For me the story was something unique and different to what I had read before which acutally made it reather refreshing because I had no idea where this story was going and was not able to predict anything.

I loved the fact that it was evidental that there was a lot of imagination and creativity put into the piece here, that the author wanted to take you on a journey through a whole nother world, where anything is possible and where the inpossible is actually the reality. The imagery of the book was strong and pulled me in, and though there bits that I found myself skimming over, it was merely because it did not seem to hold my interest as much as the other ones. What I liked about the book, was that with the other novels I have read there has always been a source of love and relationship within it. But in this book it was merely about the love and relationship between two alliances, of learning to work with one another, but also to learn the secrets of one another.

For me the book seemed to hold a strong message regarding the basis of trust, on how we are all different people and that we all have our own secrets and traits that we keep from other people. It made me think about the way in which we have to gain the trust, and this is exactly what the author represented in her words. I just felt that there was so much being offered to the reader here in its words. however the ending was frustrating because it did not end up in the happy ever after way that you wanted. Of course there had to be evil doer in the book who wanted to mess things up, and he sure did.

I found myself screaming at the evil character wanting to ask why he was being that mean, could he not see the benefits of this trust that had been built up. The ending just left me desiring to read more and I qanted to throw the book down on the floor in a tantrum that I did not have the second one yet. But to me that always shows that it was a good read because it had me hooked so far in that I didnt want to stop. a powerful and engaging write that offers a lot more than just an ordinary story to the reader.

didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing

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