Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games (Hunger Games, #1) 

For months all I have heard is "oh this book is amazing, oh you must read it, oh its the best book ever" and I admit I was skeptical about reading it. After all they claimed the twilight series was awesome and soon everyone was reading it and everyone was hating it. I suppose I didn't really know what to expect though when I started reading the novel. I expected fantasy, vampires, monsters if you like. Not once did I expect to dive into the adventure that the book provided and I was absolutely amazed by its adventure. The idea behind the novel does seem totally barbaric in many ways. After all, we are taught its wrong to murder and kill, but to suddenly have a game where the prime rule is to kill and to not be killed yourself, just seems some what rebellious to what we are taught. Its almost as if someone has written this book about a very taboo subject in order to calm that rebellious nature that we all have.

I totally loved the imagery that was painted in the novel, that seemed to give it this sort of futuristic meets historical image about it, about where heirarchies still existed, and those who were poor had to grow their own food and those who were rich had the most yummy of tasting food. Yet the idea of this game, and this whole secret realm and such seemed to give it this future like feel. Perhaps that was just me? But thats what the book made me imagine. The idea of the game though made me feel exactly how the characters were feeling. I felt this huge need to protect myself and to survive through the game. That I needed to watch over my shoulder and be aware of the traitor games that could be played.

The book had my heart racing and my adrenaline pumping. I felt like I was on the move with the main characters and found myself wanting to help them, to be one of their donators and send them all the things that they needed in order to survive. I cried when little rue was killed, it literally broke my heart. And to me just seemed to emphasize the whole barbaric feeling to the novel because she was just a young girl, and yet she was killed so someone else could win. Yet there is no denying the amazing way in which the author has written this book because it does capture and draw you in, it gaines your attention and respects and asks that you stay involved with the book.

Its very hard for me to find a single negative about it other than the ending, and even then thats just because it wasn't the happily ever after. The ending actually left me wanting to dive into the characters mind more. How much of what happened with boy was an actual game plan, how real are her emotions, and if they are real what is to happen. It just left me wanting to read the next one straight away, which is why I am thankful the library actually had the second book avalible to read on the shelves. The problem will come to when I want the third one and its not there. So yes, I have teamed up with the hunger games team and I do want to promote this book as a must read because its fantastic. The idea is fresh, the story is unique, the imagination, creativity and imagery is new and engaging. Its all round superb and I loved it!!!

didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing

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