Friday, 2 December 2011

The Book of Human Skin by Michelle Lovric 

I have to admit, that at first I was bit like, eh about this book. The back of it sounded interesting, but not all that at all. At first it was somewhat slow moving and rather disengaging in many senses. It just seemed to be dragging on and there seemed to be far too many characters to pay attention to. I think the beginning of the book was just a little too heavy with too much going on and that of course almost disengaged me from it. But none the less I persevered with the book adn continued to read it, believing that at some point it would become interesting. I did like the fact that eventually all the characters were tied together in some formation or another, that they all did play a part in the story.

I did get the sense of reality in the lines that back in the historical times it was all possible for these things to happen. But for me I just found the book far to slow moving. There just seemed to be too much focus on all the other characters which shared information that didnt at all seem necessary. I did like the ending of the book when it became more interesting and you were hoping and waiting for the romantic couple to once more be with each other, but to me there was also an important message in that love is not about looks and that you can be a cripple with a twisted leg and still have someone love and adore you like your the most important thing in the world.

I am half and half about this book and do not know how I feel about it. I suppose that a huge part of me just wanted it to end, and yet I also wanted to know what happened. I did like the historical depth of it because history I feel is a rather interesting thing to read about. But to me the book did just seem to drag on.

didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing

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