Saturday, 26 November 2011

The Road Home by Rose Tremain  

I didn't so much enjoy her first book "The Trespass" mainly because it seemed to hold a lot of room for improvement, so I was somewhat hesitant about reading this one. However, the way that this novel was written was very thought provoking and truly engaging. What the author did with this book was take reality and place it into the words. She made the reader identify the way in which our world works, especially when it comes to immigrants. I felt that this book in so many ways held many messages to me, it was something that I could relate to, something I could connect to and yet it was something that I could learn from. The book represented the way in which our society has become quite discriminative and stereotypical, where every person of an ethinc minority is marked as some sort of asylum seeker or illegal immigrant, where they are mistreated and abused in such a wrong and disgraceful way.

But what I loved more about this book was the fact that it tackled many social problems, money, jobs, housing, relationships. It showed that life is about battles and fights, things that we have to overcome and to understand, and that in order to do this we have to live and we have to carry on. The book itself was very expressive and very well worded. The whole book just flowed naturally and normally from one to the next in an engaging way that meant the reader did not loose focus nor interest in what was beign written. the author just made it very real, and really gave that sense of reality. she didnt fuss about or beat around the bush, she simply told it how it is. she didn't hide the cruel ways of life, she told the truth, and I think that this is important because it represents many messages to the readers, to look at and to consider the way in which they treat people and those around.

I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone who likes to read things that could be based on reality but also show something important.

didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing

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