Monday, 21 November 2011

Fingersmith by Sarah Waters  

What a wonderful story that is different and unique compared to the many other novels that I have read. The story just to be something out of the ordinary and was only semi predictable. I loved the way that the characters were presented and the way that they felt so very real throughout the words. I do think that the author has a sense of style when it comes to writing about her female characters as she seemed to put a lot of love and care into there characteristics, than what she does with the males. They seem to have more of a story line and have the spot light to the story, whereas the males just slip in as and when needed. I felt that she really made her imagery very vivd and powerful, truly making it a piece that had life and was therefore entireally possible back in those day.

My adrenaline was racing as I read each chapter, my heart pounding as the plot thickened, and for me this is a sign of a good novel. Both my auntie and grandma have read it also and had said it was good, so I suspected it to be as such, but it was an amazing book just because of the extent of power that its words and chapters seemed to hold. The plot was unique, but I could vision it as being something that actually happened. After all how many people were wrongly put into a lunatic asylum just because they were swindled, how many people suffered at the hands of theifs and demons who would trick them and play them? aren't these the sort of things that also happen today?

So the book had an oldish feel to it, but it also had a modern feel to it that just seemed to make it more believable for me. There was nothing boring within the novel, and I felt that it all flowed evenly, that it worked well to present its tales. If I had to pick a favorite character, then it would perhaps be Sue, simply because she shows courage and power, she shows that she is not wrong to prove what is right and show others how they have failed in their plans. It seems to represent many messages, and I think the book as a whole can have many meanings to all the readers who come across it.

didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing

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