Saturday, 29 October 2011

Halo , by Alexandra Adornetto

Well this was something new and different for me to read, as usually the books about Angels that I do read, tend to be aboput the fallen angels, the ones that have been rejected by heaven and placed on earth to learn there lesson. So to have a new and interesting twist added to my imagination really made the book far more interactive and interesting in my eyes because it had that spin of fun and creativity to it that was made to make all the readers think about its contents. The novel itself left me wondering if these things are actually possible, after all just because the book is labeled as fictional, it does not mean that there are people among us who are actually living as angels and helping to protect the world and everything within it. I did like the fact that there was a strong religious element to the book, but I liked the fact that it was not over the top, it was not rubbed into your face but was an easy and gentle read.

The romance that is introduced in the novel, is perhaps a little unbelivable, then again though, who am I to say or question how and when a person might fall in love. After all, many people have claimed there relationship was a love at first sight situation. I did like the way though that the details of there relationship was detailed and well written, though there were things that I would disagree with, like the whole being over protective and not seeming to get annoyed with it. Personally, if that was me, I would be kicking and screaming about being able to do things for myself, that I am not a fragile doll.

In some ways, the way that the auhtor has discribed the main character, reminds me of a small child who is learning about life and the environment around. It made me question things about my own life though, how much goodness do I perform, and do I have a dark entitity to my soul, something that causes me to perform wrongs rather than rights. The book therefore does have a sense of reality to it, whilst also having enough of fantasy in it to really make me breathe in the words and the plot. I just found myself hooked and I actually wanted to read the next book ion the series to find out what happenes next.

I suppose in general though, it is similar to the other types of books that I read. where the characters fall in love but there is a big drastic demon or wrong doing that tries to split them apart and tries to cause chaos in an ordinary life. I think that in this sense it does add a touch of boredom to the novel as it would be nice to read a new plit that isnt about falling in love and then overcoming battles. what if someone to write a book where that person died and the other one had to work around moving on.... just a thought though.

A wonderful and easy write. something that many young teenagers will enjoy reading.

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