Friday, 28 October 2011

Destined , by P.C. Cast

This has to be one of my all time favorite fantasy series. I love the whole way its sort of Twilight meets Harry potter and feel that the series itself contains a lot of imagination, creativity and mystery that just keeps you gripped and wanting to read on and on and on. I had been waiting what felt like a very long six months for this book, after having been left at a horrid cliff hanger in the last one, so I was extatic to recieve Destined in the post the other day (I was even happier that I had just enough money to buy it!!!). It did take me a while to remember what had happened in the previous book, but I soon remembered and caught up, and I soon wanted to loose my self into the world of the house of night (very often, wishing that I too could be marked and turned into a vampyre).

The author really seems to have connected with her teenage self in this series, by making the characters come across as young, such as having boy problems and fashion problems and friend problems. But what I love si the way that there is a bit of an adult touch to the novel as well. The book itself does not seem to hide the realities of life, such as sex, murder and evil people who are out to destory the world and cause chaos..There were parts though in this book that have severely annoyed me, such as characters being mentioned and then being forgotten. For example, we read about lenobia, the horse mistress, and we read about her kissing the cow boy who has been hired to help her, but we never really find out what happens to them after that, which does make me wonder if this is to come up in a side series that the author has said she will produce.

There did also seem to be parts within the novel that felt rushed, as if there could have been more detail put into it. But at the same time, I just wanted to read to find out what would happen. I suppose that although I love the book, there are some small things that could very much be changed about it to make it more engaging and interesting, such as putting that bit of extra detail into the chapters. The book is a wonderful tale though, but I feel that there is still so much more potential for the book that could make it even better, and more engaging. No matter what though, I will continue to love and enjoy this series.

I know that a tenth book is to come out because I already have it on preorder, And I think it is needed because pnce again the book ends on a very annoying cliffhanger that leaves you going, seriously that can NOT be the end of the series because there is still too much going on for it to end just like that. So I very much look forward to seeing what happens and how P.C.Cast concludes the series.

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