Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Book Thief , by Markus Zusak

This was a totally wonderful book that amazed me from beginning to end. I suppose in some ways the unique way in which it was written, right down to the odd title of the book captivated me into wanting to know what it is about, especially when the picture on the front of the book is of a little girl holding the hand of what appears to be, well death. The book itself though is narrated by death, and of course when you realize that, you expect the novel to be quite morbid and dark. But it's not. Although there are darkish parts to the novel (after all it is set in the war times) the narrator, death, almost seems to have a cheery sort of atmosphere to him. Then again, he is getting a lot of dead bodies or well souls to collect at this point in time. But it is also the story of the little refugee girl that is captivating because it is told in such a unique fashion, perhaps in a style of writing that is not often seen, at least by me anyway.

I do feel that in this way the author has been very clever with his word descriptions. He has made the story come to life and yet has given it that feel as if it were being told to you, rather than you being the one to sit there and read it. I am assuming that some historical research went on for the novel as there does seem to be quite abit about the times of hitler within the pages. But I loved the whole mystery sense behind the girl. She is the thief who steals book, and the word thief has a huge sort of atmosphere to it. I hear thief and automatically think of a bad thing. But actually all she is doing is collecting books rather inocently.... well i suppose that is until she steals them from the mayors wife.

The author has cleverly interlaced all the characters into the story though, showing how each one was important to the plot, but also showing that the characters didn't have to get tangled up together, that they were all there for a reason and would not therefore be forgotten. I just loved the whole natural beauty of the book. I didn't want to put it down and yet at the same time, I wanted to savour and enjoy the words on the pages for as long as possible. I almost felt in some ways that I was looking into the mirror of someones life and seeing all there little well kept secrets. He has written this book so amazingly and this is one that I will happily recommend to anyone and everyone because of the way it is written. a truly engaging and wonderful write, that is morbid but exciting at the same time.

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  1. Your reflection was good because of you always compliment the writer. Even I who read the book a little have been inspired to read it all if I was the writer who made that I would be proud


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