Monday, 24 October 2011

Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger

I very much enjoyed Audrey's first book, The time travellers wife, and had heard plenty of good reviews about her second book. So I of course looked forward to reading it, not really having any idea what it was about, or what the plot and point of the story was based on. But what I read was fabulous and engaging. It left you wondering about the possibilities that could be, looking at the world in a whole new way, and wondering if its really all that possible to just disengage from your body? I am mainly a fantasy reader, and although this wasn't on the basis of vampires or fallen angels, the fact that it had ghosts within it was enough to really grasp me. But what I loved most was the extreme but simple detail that the author seemed to go into. You could tell from the beginning that there was something different and unique about the two twins that you meet, that theres something about them that just isn't normal, but is interesting at the same time. I felt that as I was reading I was really able to connect with the twins, to feel the panic attacks that valentina goes through and become the bossy person that Julia is. Yet what I saw most, was a deep connection between two siblings that yes at times had strains and difficulties but also was valuable and precious to each twin.

Although some parts of the book felt predictable, such as the twins falling in love with guys, I loved the simple mystery that it contained, the way that it was expected and yet unexpected at the same time. I felt that the author allowed you to build the plot as if you were the one writing the novel, whilst you read it. In some ways it did have that sort of crime like feel to it "well did she do it, is she really who she says she is...etc". It was interesting all the way through and you just find yourself unable to put the book down in fear that you will miss something worth reading, which of course it is!. What was surprising though was that by the end of the book, it did feel very simple and easy, as if you should have been able to see the ending from miles of, but you was not left disappointed by it.

There was a lot of characters within the pages, but I felt that they were all introduced neatly and well, and that there tales were just as important to the story. Perhaps the one that most confused me though was Maritn as he didn't really seem to have much of a purpose other than helping out Robert with something. Other than that though he was just the OCD chracter in the novel. Perhaps the author had a point to him being in there? perhaps it is a point that I have missed. What I do know though, is that this is a book that I would happily pick up and read again. a wonderful tale with a lot written between the lines.

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