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Favorite , by Karen McQuestion

Paperback, 172 pages
Published April 1st 2011 by Amazon Childrens Publishing (first published November 1st 2009)
1935597256 (ISBN13: 9781935597254)
edition language
Five years have passed since Angie Favorite's mother, Laura, disappeared without a trace, and Angie still hasn't recovered. Sure, things look normal on the surface ? she goes to school, works her summer job, and argues with her older brother Jason ? but she can't shake the feeling her mother didn't leave by choice. Angie's dad does the best he can, but his work as a musician keeps him on the road and away from home, where it's up to Angie's grandmother to keep an eye on the kids. She can't be with them all the time, though, and so Angie is alone when she's snatched from a strip mall parking lot by Scott Bittner. Angie narrowly escapes, and Bittner is arrested, but he takes his life in jail before he can offer an explanation for his crime. When his mother makes contact, begging forgiveness on her son's behalf, Angie agrees to meet with her in hopes of finding answers to the seemingly random attack. But when she arrives at the massive Bittner estate, she is overcome by an unshakeable sense of foreboding? Part thriller, part coming-of-age tale, Favorite is an engrossing young adult novel in which nothing ? and no one ? is as it seems
My Review
I was really surprised to read a second book from Karen Mcquestion, when I received her package, but I was also really excited to be given the opportunity to read a second novel of hers. Its therefore no surprise that just from her two books I have grown to love her writing style and the way that she proposes the characters and the plot. This was only a short book, but it was very well written and you could see the depth of the plot that had been laid out to attract you within its page.
Although you would consider favorite to be a strange name, I feel that actually it was very captivating because it meant that you were not soon to forget the character, or who she was. she was one of those characters that were going to stick within your mind even when your finished reading. The plot is all a big mystery, where your not really sure what is happening. There is a mother that went missing for what appears to be no reason what so ever, for she was happy and content in her life. A father who is constantly away trying to make the big bucks by becoming famous and claiming hes psychic he always knew that something was going to happen, after it happened of course. Then you have the two kids, normal brother and sister sort of relationship, but have had to grow up fast in order to grow customized to the life style that they have been forced to live within. 
For angie, life is just a matter of working through the days, but when someone suddenly wants to show her something, but goes about it in the wrong way, suddenly it seems like life is about to end. I think in some ways the book shows that we are quick to judge a persons actions without considering the person themselves. The character clearly has some sort of mental health problems which means his mind does not work as others, and as a result it looks like, to everyone else, as if he is out to kill the girl. But all he wanted to do was to show her the end ropes of the problems that never made any real sense.
The story is mysterious, cliche, but well written. I think that you can clearly figure out what has happened before you have even reached the ending, but I still feel that it is well written because you find yourself on edge with the characters. it was one of those books that could not be put down because they seemed to have this great sense of adventure within them. I do feel that perhaps the book could have been extended more, giving it that little bit of room for more expression and depth, but at the same time, perhaps too much more would have made it dull.
This author has won herself on my shelf and I will certainly be looking out for more of her books to review because I feel that she has a lot of talent to offer to the readers and that in time, many will begin to see the work that she puts into her novels.
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