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The Water Witch , by Carol Goodman

The Water Witch (Fairwick Chronicles, #2)
Paperback, 339 pages
Published September 13th 2012 by Ebury Press
0091940206 (ISBN13: 9780091940201)
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original title
The Water Witch
"You have only to call my name to bring me back", he whispered, his breath hot in my ear. "You have only to love me to make me human". Callie McFay is the guardian of the last gateway between the world of Faerie and mankind. Seduced by a powerful incubus demon, she has succeeded in banishing Liam to the Borderlands but he still haunts her dreams, tempting her with the knowledge of how to bring him back. But loving an incubus usually ends in death for a human. For her own sake Callie must learn to control her desires and ensure Liam remains trapped for all eternity in his watery prison. Only there is a more dangerous creature than Liam in the Borderlands. The Water Witch is also looking for a way back...
 My Review
I can't say that I really enjoyed this book. Perhaps it was because I hadn't read the first one in the series, or perhaps it was because it seemed like a whole bunch of twaddle like there wasn't too much purpose, depth or meaning to it. It was an irritating kinda book because of all the stupidity in sexual references. It was almost like I was reading fifty shades of grey again but a teenage version. I think at least half the book was based on the girl having an orgasm over and over again by someone that wasn't actually there with her. It was annoying because it was like ugh, seriously, is this going to be the main focus of the book that I am reading. But other than that the book seemed a little confusing in that you weren't really sure of who was what and who was where. Like I said, it could be something to do with the fact that I have not read the first book in the series, but what I got from this one was that you didn't actually need to read the first one. 

Im guessing the first one had something to do with a guy called Liam who is an inccubus who was in love with Callie. Everyone thought Liam was the inccubus that was sucking the life force out of all the students at the school, but it turned out that he was just sucking the life force out of callie and someone else was responsible for the other students. Liam and callie had hot sex which meant they were connected to each other and callie learnt she was half fey and half witch, her grandma claiming that she was not as powerful as she thought she was. Callie is a doorkeeper which means she can open and close the door to the land of the Fey and she is powerful indeed. The incubus sucking the life force out of the students tried to kill Callie but she was saved my Liam who she then banished, despite her love for him. End of book one.

See I told you I didn't need to even read the first one, but perhaps this just represents how simplistic the books are, and the very fact that there isn't really a whole lot going on in them. At least a few times I did consider putting the book down and moving onto another one, but I decided to give it a chance. I admit, the ending was actually pretty good especially when I was starting to think that Bill was perhaps the evil one because he just seemed to nicey nice. But at the same time the ending almost seemed a little lame as well because the emotional concept that you would perhaps see within the context of other books, just wasn't there. It seemed to be lacking in something but I couldn't really tell what it was that it was lacking.

I just didn't really get that overall feel for any of the characters. But that could just mean its not really a book for me, thats my opinion and like I respect yours, I expect you to respect mine. Im not saying its a bad book because the plot was good and there were bits and pieces within it that had me hooked and not wanting to put it down. It just wasn't all that, in my opinion, so I got a little tiresome of it after a while. Therefore I give this book a fair two star rating, for its review of its ok, but its not something I would pick up again if I had a choice.

didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing

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