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Hidden , by P.C. Cast

Hidden (House Of Night, #10)
Paperback, 320 pages
Published October 16th 2012 by Atom (first published October 1st 2012)
1907411127 (ISBN13: 9781907411120)
edition language
original title
Untitled (House of Night, #10)
Tulsa, Oklahoma (United States)

The next exciting instalment from the bestselling House of Night series.

The series is already a multi million copy bestseller worldwide but the next chapter of the House of Night story is set to be the biggest yet.

With action, intrigue and spicy romance, Zoey is back fighting the forces of darkness - after all, that's what being a bad-ass vampyre High Priestess is all about...

My Review
Finally we have reached the end, though it is a sad thing to have reached. For ten whole books we have shared and lived with zoey and the gang, been through all the difficult situations with them and seen both lightness and dark. We have been fooled as have they, we have cried and laughed and we have shared there experiences. And yet, here we are, at the end of the series, about to see what exactly is about to occur, what is to happen and how the entire series is to sum up. I admit, I am sad to see the series end and I was a little reluctant to read it because I didnt want to admit this was the last book. I still have the side series to hold on, even if they are a lot shorter and perhaps not as indepth. I still have those to look forward too. Zoey has a really big fight to look forward to in this book, but that of course is not going to be an easy task. Neferet may have been shunned by the high council, but she is not going to go down without doing things her way and we all know by now that neferet is one big nasty selfish bull poopie as Zoey would say. Yet, we also start to see that the things that were once evil are perhaps not as evil as they seem.

Kalona as switched teams, becoming a warrior for Thantos, the new high priestess of the tulsa house of night. The bull like creature is starting to realize that he is not all he appeared to be and that perhaps there is a lighter side to him, one that certainly cares about zoey and knows that there is something special about her. It really makes you wonder if it is all that easy for a person to switch teams when for so long they were formed with one team or were created for that team. It makes you wonder if its easy to accept someone that we perhaps did not trust before into our circle of trust. this in itself makes the book more thought provoking because it means that you start to understand what it is that the group is starting to feel and what it is that they are starting to go through. However I do find that there are small bits here and there that make it clear that this is not the last book in the series, afterall there are far to many changes going on that are not summed up, such as Erin seeming to switch the teams and falling out majorly with shaunee, neferet dying? possibly? and yet we do not become clear if she really is dead or not. Nicole, seeming to have a lighter shade to her, perhaps becoming good? Yes I really do think that perhaps the cast team have mislead us and left us thinking this is the last in the series but treating us to hints here and there that actually this is not the last that we shall see of the team.

I think that none the less the series is amazing and this book really seemed to sum up everything that is happening. however you can start to see the complications of writing a book with so many characters swaying in and throughout of the whole series. Some of the characters become lost, some of them seem to fade into the background whilst others swing in and out as they please. this can be a flaw to the book because you do start to focus on them, on what has happened to them and what they are up to amongst the plans of everything. I think that this is perhaps why there is usually only so many characters really identified within the novel, but I suppose with a series this can and should be different because technically and logically, each book of a series has a different story and purpose to it, but perhaps it would be better if they flowed a little better? I think at the end of the entire series though, if that truly is the end, Stevie rae is probably still my favorite because she was the one that I could relate to the most.

I was a little dissapointed that she wasnt really that much of a main character in this book especially when she is meant to be the high priestess of the red fledgings who do have a role here within this book. I think this was what I was on about when trying to identify the fact that some of the characters become lost. I think that some of the characters that are main ones are actually becoming background ones, like rephaim, he asks for the goddesses help but yet we see no more of it, what is happening in it? in some ways this did make the book seem rushed and forced, it did seem like perhaps they were wanting to draw closer to the end and this in itself was a little irritating because I felt that perhaps there should have been more time spent on it. But I still can not argue against it being an amazing book and therefore an amazing series. I just think that, like every book, there was a heck of a lot of room for improvement. but it is still worth the read.

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