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Yesterday's Sun , by Amanda Brooke

Yesterday's Sun
Paperback, 317 pages
Published January 2012 by Harper
000744589X (ISBN13: 9780007445899)
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Yesterday's Sun
My Review
What if you lived your lines by plans, where nothing ever happened if it wasn't on the five year or five month plan that you had made, or where you felt uncomfortable if it didn't work out the way that it did, and it was just something to make you feel more secure in life. Well this is exactly what the book goes on about but in a more thought provoking manner, in a sense and matter that makes you consider the importance of life and how often we take it for granted, not considering the very fact that we are lucky to have the things that we have, compared to those who have less or are not able to have the very things that we may want or need in life. The book itself was a very powerful and impacting book that seemed to really pull me in from the beginning right through until the end, where I felt like I needed more, need to find out that little bit more information. Many people who know me, know that this is not the usual kind of book that I sit and read, however in line with all the fantasy novels that I sit and read this was actually probably within the list of top 50 books read this year, merely for the pure sake that it was a thinking book, a book that asked you to commit yourself to it and to see it from all the perspectives of all the different characters within its pages.
I think many young females, such as myself, dream of the day that we become a mother, whether it will be  a baby girl or a baby boy, what we will name them and how there life will be. But for someone who is scared of motherhood knowing the possibilities of being a mother and what it can bring can actually be somewhat scary. Well this is exactly what Holly has to go through. She is the person who has to go through life with constant plans being set, and this I can see and understand is partly due to the fact that her childhood was a neglected one, a childhood that no child should ever have to face and go through. This therefore does link into the fact that she is awful fearful of having a child of her own. What if she is like her mother who merely walked out and left, or her father that seemed to basically treat her like a slave and nothing else. What if she cant not become the mother that she always longed for, who could give compassion, care and attention to the little one that she wants to bring up. At the beginning you can see that she is reluctant to be a mother but that its a heartbreaking decision for her to have to make because her husband so clearly wants to be a father, wants to have a little family of his own in that he almost seems pushy without really wanting to be pushy at all.
However, when they have moved into their house Holly comes across a rather magical object that is about to save her life, A moondial. I was at first a little confused because like Holly I had never heard of a moondial before, Everyone has heard of a sundial and we all know what it does. But what on earth is a moondial. Billy, the builder in the book who also turns out to be a very good friend though is the one to uncover the missing piece of the puzzle which soon allows us to understand what a moondial is in the first place and what significance it has to the story line. The moondial turns out to be a magical system that actually needs a moonstone and a full moon. When all three are combined together then the person who has set it all up can see into the future, and of course this is what Holly stumbles upon. At first she is a little confused by what has occured and I think that I would be too. After all it is very hard to see into the future and to be honest, even if I could I am not sure that I would want to, even more so if I was to be in hollys shoes, as the moondial merely brings a life of hard choices for her, because in her future she sees a beautiful baby girl, her baby girl called libby and her husband. But she is not around. she is no longer existing nor living in that world for it seems that in order to provide the child that her husband so badly wanted, another life has to be taken and that truly is a huge shame and it is what challenges her throughout the whole book.
Not wanting to give the whole story line away incase you yourself want to read the novel, this is basically the outline and its a rather thought provoking one because it really makes you wonder what it is that you would actually do if you where in her place. I think that for someone who never wanted a child and then sees a child that she suddenly has huge feelings for, then yes I would probably do the motherly thing of giving my life up for the child. But this is a complex thing to do and constantly throughout the book, the decision of what she is going to do is discussed between her and her friend joss. Its a really emotionally raving book that really pulled me in and really grasped my heart strings. I just felt that life is something that we take for granted because we never know what choices we have made that have risked the future ones that could have been. It really made me wonder if I actually do everything that I could with my life or whether I should be going out and doing a whole lot more.
The book was moving and emotional. the characters were reletable and although there seemed to be a lot going on throughout the pages of the novel it was not so much that meant you were left feeling lost and confused, it was just enough to really give the book the overall push and emphasis that it needed to really come alive and to really draw all the readers in. I loved the fact that for me I felt like I was living the story as I was reading because it engaged me in the sense that I was living the pages. its a wonderful book and so worth the five star rating that I am about to give it. Its everything that is needed to make a good read and its a really good introduction to an author that I have never heard of before. If you like these sort of novels yourself then please read, I promise it wont be wasted time.
  didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing

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