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A Witch in Love (Winter Trilogy #2) by Ruth Warburton

A Witch in Love (Winter Trilogy, #2)
Paperback, 416 pages
Published July 5th 2012 by Hodder Children's Books
1444904701 (ISBN13: 9781444904703)
edition language
Anna still finds it hard to believe that Seth loves her and has vowed to suppress her powers, no matter what.

But magic – like love – is uncontrollable. It spills out with terrible consequences, and soon, Anna is being hunted.
   My Review
I suppose this one was a little better than the first book in the series but only because there was a little bit more of a plot here, in that there was a bit more adventure and a bit more mystery. You were kind of left in a cliffhanger scenario quite a bit throughout the book and left wondering which characters could be trusted and which ones were dangers and just basically who was who in all this mess and torment. Anna seems to have got herself in a huge amount of mess in thsi book which means that we are given a lot more action and life to really get to grips with when considering the depth and tone of the novel. In this novel we begin to open the can of worms that is Anna's life, we figure out how she became a witch in the first place and how she didn't know she was a witch until she moved house. After all, it would be a little weird to move to a new house to then discover that you have these powers that in so many ways are hugely and potentially dangerous to not just your own life but the life of those around you. It's not just something that springs up, but seen as her dad is human for all intense and purposes, it must be from her mum, which of course is a huge mystery within itself because we actually have no idea who her mum is, where she is or what she is even all about. But in this novel we find that the can of worms is opened, and we slowly but surely begin to understand Anna a little better.

Seth is still very much in the scene here within the novel and the couple are still very much loved up and soppy and all that stuff. However in the context of this pages we end up going back to the cliche scene of the hot boyfriend wanting to sleep with the girlfriend that he apparently loves so much. I suppose he becomes respectable in the fact that he does not push her into doing it when she says no but you still get the sense that he would if he wasnt so afraid of losing her. There was however a lot more going on within this novel which kind of almost meant that seth was not the main topic of focus, and this was something that I was highly thankful of because I was sick of him already. In this novel Anna finds out about her mother who tried her hardest to protect Anna from having to live the life that she led by placing a charm on the old house that crippled her magic and putting a charm on her dad to never talk about her or mention her to Anna. We learn that her mother was someone that was independant and yet very caring and considerate, who knew what she wanted to do in life and who was not afraid to get it. Yet she was caring and ill, and although we will never seem to find out what actually happened to her, whether she be alive or dead, we still know a little more as to how Anna became what she is today.

Anna also meets her grandmother in this novel, a person that she likes, and then dislikes when she realizes what council her grandmother is a part of. Her poor grandmother though seemed to have no idea about the attacks that had occured on her grand daughter and so when she discovers it and writes a very heartwarming letter to anna we can see that really she is a caring old person. However the suspicious turn will not leave, because you still get this huge feeling that this is something happening within the lines and that not everyone on board the novel can actually be trusted, but its hard to figure out who is real and who is fake. Even in the witch trial scene where we meet caroline the x bitchy girlfriend again, we are not sure whether she is a traitor that can not be trusted or just an innocent who wants to get on with her life. For me alarm bells are ringing mostly about Abe. he seems to be a little too fascinated by Anna, which automatically has me wondering why. What is he really after, what does he really want?

I think for me this is the main reason that this book was so much better than the first novel in the series because it actually left you with questions on the mind, meaning that you wanted to read on, to discover what comes next and to find out the truth. I know that the series is only a three book series and perhaps this is why the author tried to cram in as much as possible in her first novel, but I am sure she would have had no arguments from any of her readers had she wanted to drag it out in any other formation or way. I did enjoy this book and I am therefore happy to give this one a four star rating. it just had a lot more to offer to the reader meaning that I was actually more involved with the novel in the sense that I wanted to read it, and I needed to really enjoy it and reach the end. It was powerfully well written this one in comparrison to the first one and is a novel that I would read again.

didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing

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