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The Game: The Valley , by Krystyna Kuhn

The Game: The Valley
Paperback, 316 pages
Published September 1st 2012 by Little, Brown Book Group (first published April 23rd 2010)
1907410562 (ISBN13: 9781907410567)
edition language
original title
Das Spiel
British Columbia, 2010 (Canada)

The famous Grace College, located in a remote valley in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, is an elite school for the highly gifted. But to Julia and her brother, it's a much-needed escape. But when they stumble upon a dead body their first week they'll learn they can only run so far from their past. And that the valley has secrets of its own...

  My Review
This was a very different sort of book, cliche and yet predictable in some places and yet engaging in other senses. I admit that I probably picked up the book merely for the sake of the title and the fact that the game is a long running joke thing that is nationwide I believe. But after reading it I found it to be quite enjoyable, it was different and it was all about some sort of game, a game that went so very wrong at the end of it. I do feel that perhaps the title didnt fit it quite as well as another one would have, but I still felt that the whole novel was well developed which is why I am slightly annoyed that the library fails to have the rest of the series in because I would like to know what happens next. Robert is perhaps the most interesting character for me because he seems to have a very mysterious essence within it the whole way throughout. She is the sort of person you do not know, and yet you know a lot in reality as well. He is deep, dark and mysterious. He seems like the sort of guy who knows more than what hes letting on for which means that he has a whole lot more to share when it comes to the rest of thee novels.

Julia for me wasnt as interesting but I am provoked to know completely about there past. For instance why are they suddenly there at the school so much later than everyone else, and why was there trip in getting there such a long and undetailed one. These two characters alone make you wonder if they have been through something paranormal and unnormal before, in that they know something about the world that others do not know about. you can see that this is the sort of book that is meant to be a sort of murder mystery novel meant for teens, its something that makes your mind and brain think because your left wondering who did it, why did they do it and how did they do it. Its still unpredictable in some ways though because you just dont know who to expect or what to expect and this of course makes it an exciting novel.

I am not entirely sure if I fully loved the book but I do know that I want to get my hand on the rest of the series if I can which I know will be difficult because its a book written in the german language which may mean it has not been translated into english here yet. I do think that its a series that is worth the go though I can not be sure that it will beat the gallagher girls series. This is why I am going to give it a three star rating because I am half and half about the novel. I both like it and dislike it. there are things that dont work wigthin it but there are things that also make it stand out amongst others. 

didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing

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  1. Hi,
    I'd like to know how many books have been pubblished in english language, because in Italy I have been able to read only the first two books of this serie, so I would like to read the others.

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