Friday, 28 September 2012

Broken Dream , by Eden Maguire

Broken Dream (Dark Angel, #3)
Paperback, 425 pages
Published May 3rd 2012 by Hodder & Stoughton (first published 2012)
1444901885 (ISBN13: 9781444901887)
edition language
Tania’s film studies take her to New York City where she looks forward to getting lost in the anonymity of the big crowded bustling city. But Hell is all around and no place is safe as the Dark Angel’s relentless pursuit of dark souls continues.

But this time it’s more peronsal than it’s ever been before. When the Dark Angel sets its sights on Tania’s beloved Orlando it’s the final straw. Can Tania save his soul and her love
 My Review
As horrid as it may sound, I have never ever been so thankful to see a series of books end, to see them finish like that and to know that no poor reader will be tortured to read something as cliche and predictable as this series. I know that the author is a talented author, trust me I am not trying to push that aside, but compared to her beautiful dead series, there is just nothing to this series that makes you want to jump for joy. the only reason I continued to read it was for the mere sake of finishing the series and knowing what would happen at the end. However, I found the last book just as cliche as the other ones. you could kind of tell who the good guys were and who the bad guys were pretty much from the minute go and it was only too predictable and about time that orlando would be affected by the dark angels, after all he had barely been touched by them and he was the last person left that was close to tania and hadnt been attacked. So yeah, to say that this book was most certianly not a mystery of any kind, would pretty much just sum up the whole story. I think this is probably why it actually took me quite a while to finish reading it, because I just could not be bothered to pick it up. But sadly I have this stubborn side in me which means I refuse to start reading another book until I have finished the previous one, so you can see where the compelxity actually comes in with this.
I just felt that throughout the whole series of it, there was no fundamentality of character there. There was nothing about Tania or Orlando or Grace or Holly that made them stand out, that made you wish they were real and that you were living within the scenario that had been painted so much into the stories. It was almost as if the author had actually tried a little to hard to produce a novel that was as good as the first one that she had written, a series that would reach out to her authors like the beautiful dead. I think thats the problem with a lot of authors, they have success with the first series and then push themselves to hard to make the next series of books as succesful and it never ever works. It is a shame because I actually feel that she has a lot more to offer than was shown here within the novel.
Of course, it was not a totally negative novel, the idea behind it was a good one and I think that perhaps with a little more work upon it, it could be the fully effective story that it needed to be in order to really grasp its readers and make them see everything that it had to offer. I think this is why I am offering the book a mere two star rating. it had potential but just didn't meet the criteria like it should have done which really was just a shame. 
didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing  

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