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Sara's Face , by Melvin Burgess

Sara's Face
Hardcover, 272 pages
Published July 25th 2006 by Andersen Press Ltd (first published June 1st 2006)
1842701800 (ISBN13: 9781842701805)
edition language
original title
Sara's Face
Sara may only be 16, but she knows her own mind. Unfortunately this means that she has decided that her face is not her own. And now she is in the clutches of unscrupulous psychiatrists who say she has “Karel’s Syndrome,” and that the only cure is to have a new face. Enter the infamous aging singer Jonathan Heat, who has had so much plastic surgery on his face that it is now irredeemably unpleasant. He will pay for an operation that will give him Sara’s face: and Sara will get a transplant.

My Review
Im not sure I really liked thos book. The whole suggestive idea of it just seemed a little out of place a little obscure. I know that there is very few women out there that like the way that they look, that want to change something, if not everything about who we are, but having a complete face transplant, merely because you want to look pretty? Is that even a possibility. I doubt it very much. The whole concept of the book just seemed very out of this world and I think that a book that seems to have a purpose of making people feel better about themselves didn't meet the objective at all. The book made me dislike who I was in a way that ahd me looking in a mirror clutching at my roles of fat and allowing anorexia back into my head. The novel was just very crude and sickening in so many respects. The whole novel flowed well and I think its a shame because it seemed to be the only advantage to it. 

Sara seems to be a very stuck up person, who wants everything that she wants and seems to get it. girls who are this spoilt in a book really irritates me and really makes me wonder if I am like that myself. Its just a matter of the fact that there are not many people out there who are like this, and even if they are, they tend to come from rich snobby households where they tend to get treated like little princesses. By no mean is it questionable that the author has talent, the very fact that she made a book written from the different perspectives of the characters, flow almost fluidly and smoothly takes a huge amount of talent, especially when it could become easily confused. But I think the character and plot ideas were not developed as well as they could have been.

I really therefore dont have a lot to say about this book. I am trying my best to try and identify the characters as an advantage but I didnt like a single one of them and just didnt like the whole book in general which is why I am going to be giving this book a one star rating. It may be a book to other peoples tastes and everyone deserves their own opinion. Well this is mine, its not the book for me and doubt it will ever be Im afraid.

didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing

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