Friday, 17 February 2012

Lily in the snow by Christine E. Schulze Ebook giveaway

 I have been working alongside Christine, preparing this giveaway of 6 Ebooks, of her antholoy Lily in the snow. It is an anthology of six stories about all sorts of different Elementals. From Earth to Fire to Stone, all are magical beings with unique and beautiful coming-of-age adventures and romances.There are six Ebooks up for offer honor of there being six stories inside the anthology.

Lily in the Snow and Other Elemental Tales

Paperback, 506 pages
Published January 19th 2012 by Old Line Publishing
edition language

Jewett ran.

He and the earth carried her, the earth granting a gracious speed, as if it could feel through his arms, the rarity of the gem he held, the urgency of its protection...

Mica Schist, a rock Elemental, has always felt secure in her caves high in the snowy mountains. Protected by her adoptive older brother, Pearson, and befriended by the bats of her cave, it is the only life she has ever known.

Until an outsider, Jewett, an earth Elemental, arrives, illuminating Mica not only to the possibility of a whole new world outside hers, but of a life with the young man who opens that world to her.

When Jewett unmeaningly brings great danger to Mica, her only chance of being saved is to escape with him into the woods he loves so much; it is a dream any girl would have, to flee danger with her newfound love.

But upon entering his world, she realizes how fragile she truly is, why Pearson always seemed too obsessed with protecting her. Jewett's world, though beautiful, is harmful; no longer connected to her rocks, their security and oneness with her, she finds that the smallest things in his earthern world hurts her. The simple scraping of her skin against the bark of a tree, her falling on the forest floor--even Jewett's touch. All of these, so harmless to anyone else, make the soft mica crystals covering her from head to toe shed away too easily.

And when an Elemental loses all of her crystals, it can only mean one thing: death.

How can Mica choose between saving her life and saving her new life with Jewett?

Four Elemental novellas and two short stories weave magic, romance, and adventure into a brilliant new collection of coming-of-age tales in Schulze's debut YA anthology with Old Line Publishing

The giveaway is open until the 29th of February, where the winner will be randomly chosen by rafflecopter so that it is kept fair. So good luck on the giveaway :) and let everyone know about it.

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