Monday, 12 December 2011

Cloaked by Alex Flinn


Alex Flinn I am sure has the potential to be an amazing writer, but I do feel that his book is aimed at the younger teenagers rather than the young adults. He seems to base his books on the series of fairytales, giving them a modernt twist as if he wants to really make the story far more exciting. I do think that he writes well to fit with the younger generation, and although it perhaps did not excite nor engage me as much, this is by no fault of the author as I am twenty one and should surely be reading from the adult section of the library right? I loved the imagination and creativity that he put into his book, and felt that it used a lot of different imaginative things from different tales. It did make me wonder though about how we often do things because the reward seems decent, that we do not always do it because we want to do it and can see the actual benefit of doing it.

I do feel that the book perhaps felt a little rushed and that there was a lot of room for potential and growth here, in that the story could be developed upon, to become something more. However, there was a lot of well written imagery and creativity that engaged me and made me ponder. After all it did keep me reading which has to be something. I loved the way the story flowed, but felt that the ending was rushed, in that it seemed to easy, to basic... How could everythin just end like that when the rest of the story has been a battle of power and strength. It almost seems to me, as if the author actually got bored of writing the novel himself and wanted to finish it as quickly as he could. I do think though that this is something that will engage the younger readers and he does have his own unique writing style.

didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing

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