Monday, 19 December 2011

Bumped by Megan McCafferty

Hmm, the novel itself was different to say the least. It just seemde to have an original and yet a unique story to it that was unlike anything that I have ever read. When I was younger I remember being told over and over again my mother that I am not to get pregnent till I am 26, and she still tells me this now even though I am 21. We are also taught that getting pregnant at a young age is something that is not going to help us out at all, that in fact it will add a certain sense of doom to our futures. But this book totally goes against everything that we are taught, because in this book you are encouraged to get pregnant before you eighteen, because once you reach eighteen you become infertile and your no longer able to produce the child that you perhaps dreamed off.

I suppose the idea of the story was actually well produced because it gives the reader something to think about and something to look at. What is the whole conception of pregnancy about and why is it such a big thing in the first place? I liked the fact that the book was based on a set of twins and how there lives counteracted with each other but not in the way that you would perhaps think. It was descriptive and detailed and it just seemed to have a lot of edge to it that was productive and thought provoking. The whole sense of having to bid for the sperm and the egg so you can get your ideal child just seems unnatural and yet I suppose in many senses this does actually happen.

I liked the way that the twins were shown as two different kinds of people and yet they were similar to one another at the same time. They were different but actually in heart and mind they were the same. It was just well connected to each other, though the romance story was very much predictable in that you knew the couple were going to end up together at the end. The bit that made me chuckle was the whole bit about condoms because these are a taboo to talk about even these days, and yet its made out to be a HUGE taboo in the book. It did make me chuckle though and I think that this is a book certainly for older adults and not for younger addicted minds perhaps

didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing

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