Sunday, 6 November 2011

One door away from heaven by Dean Koontz

This book was handed to me by my mum who suggested that it was a book that I would enjoy. I am very very open to suggestions, however I was not expecting anything of this kind. I am usually the kind of girl who reads vampires and fallen angels, or who reads novels about people with life dramas. So when I started reading this book and became confused about what it was actually about I was a little curious to actually carry on reading and in some ways I am glad that I am. I have never been the sort of person who is into all that alien sort of thing and so I never really pick up books based on aliens and Extratestrial stuff. So this was a very unique and new read to me. I did like the way that the book had many different characters within its tale, that it told their individual tales and why they were important to the novel. I have to admit that at the beginning I did become confused and wanted to put the book down because it appeared to be too much effort to actually follow and understand. But as I read on, I found that the stories were starting to intertwine with each other, that they were coming together to deal with the same situation and the same problem.

There was a lot of mystery within the lines and it did not appear to me to be anything predictable as I was not aware of who was an alien and who wasn't. I did become attached to the little girl with the deformed hand and I actually feared for her safety and wanted to rescue her from her step father and her drug addict mother. But I also fell in love with the aunt who made me chuckle as her memories were not quite right. I must admit, to live in a world of movies must be quite fun and interesting though it must also be frustrating to not always know what actually happened and what was something that you merely saw on the telly. The book did get more racey towards the end, and I did find myself actually becoming hooked to it then. I suppose in someways the reason I didn't read this one so quickly was because I just couldn't find anything all that interesting in it. Perhaps I was close minded about accepting alien stories. However the ending really had me hooked and just proved to me that it was worthwhile to carry on reading and to see what happened.

The author did seem to stick to a sense of reality as well especially when it came down to that of a social worker. he really made the whole book come alive for me, in that he made the chracters seems like people that you would possibly meet on the street. the social worker was stuck up and seemed to not be so bothered by the case. However I would still love to know as to what they would have done in the end, if anything at all. surely a guy who has been convicted of criminal offences would be suspicious looking, especially when someone brings up the case of a child possibly being in danger.

The book was adventurous, and it was fun and exciting. it got my adrenaline racing, especially at the end, but I found that the book did need a lot of patience, that I had to keep reading in order to get to the better bits or that is how it seemed to me. I do admit though that I am now interested in reading more books by this author for I like his style of writing.

My rating: didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing

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