Sunday, 9 October 2011

Blue Eyed Boy by Joanne Harris

This was ultimately a very confusing book that just seemde to change its mind from page to page. Right at the beginning you think you are sure and positive about the plot, but when you reach about halfway through your suddenly thrown into a new mystery, told your wrong and that actually this is the real plot. So once more you get on with the book, readjust your thoughts and hope that you have got it right this time. But then it once more changes its mind, throws another spanner in the book, and by the end of it your not actually sure of what is going on, or who did and didn't do it. But other than the confusion it was an interesting book that does make you think about things in a new perspective. I loved all the focus on the colors and the different shades of colors, because I think that sometimes we dont think about how certain colors can stand for specific things, or have importance in one way or another. Of course the main color focused on in the book was blue, but I enjoyed learning about all the shades of blue, the way they were all given there own personality, almost as if the author was wanting to bring the colors to life, so that you didnt just paint them in your mind, but you actually brought them to life, gave it character and therefore more feeling.

There was a few difficult parts in the book though that truly touched and caught my heart in ways that were close to bringing me to tears. Abuse is always a hard subject to read about, but whenn your reading about it and not reading about anything being done to solve it, it reminds you that this does happen in the real world. there are children out there who are beaten and hurt by those that are meant to love them, and they are quiet and do not tell anyone. Yet the thing that you have to remember with this book is that it is a fictional novel, it is not real, it is just a story and so you have to take it with a level of light heartedness. I wasn't totally sure as to why the book was split up into parts as all parts interlinked well each other and did not, to me anyway, seem to offer a divide in the story. Each chapter followed on perfectly so you were not lost, so why the need for parts? perhaps there was something there that I was missing? perhaps the colors of the parts were significant to the chapters written? who knows.

Either way, it was an enjoyable book, though in many ways also frustrating. the book does seem to be totally focused on murders, and so you get the feeling that it is a crime novel and your the detective meant to figure out who commited the crime and why. But everytime you think you have got it right, it changes and yet right at the very end you are still left unknowing and confused. Its almost as if the reader didnt actually want you to know who the true criminal was. Almost as if she really wanted you to think about it with great depth and care, to put your information gathered together and use your head to piece the puzzle pieces into the correct order. So of course, getting to the endingg and not finding my ending was rather annoying. it left me wanting to chuck the book in a fire, yet at the same time I had this great urge to reread it, feeling as if I really had missed something else out.

I did think and feel though that it was an interesting novel, one that does captivate you and challenges you. its a book clearly not meant to be skimmed over, something totally meant to make you think. a worth while read if your bored and want a challenge.


  1. Hello!

    What do you think about the ending? What does it happen to Albertine?


  2. Ma kills Albertine to keep her blue eyed boy close and to herself.just as she did with all the others, with the help of the blue book and the website,telling her how to do it.


  3. Ma kills Albertine to keep her blue eyed boy close and to herself.just as she did with all the others, with the help of the blue book and the website,telling her how to do it.



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