Friday, 7 October 2011

Silence By Becca Fitzpatrick

This is the third book in `Hush Hush' series by Becca Fitzpatrick, and it was an amazing and pleasent read. At first it took me a while to get a hold of what was going on, merely for the simple fact that my mind does not always withold the information of the books previously read. But once I got into the novel I found that my mind refreshed itself and I was very quickly drawn into the creativity and imagination of the book. For me, teen fiction seems to be the better reads as it tends to be less serious and tends to have a higher sense and aspect of adventure within the words. For certain, you can see that Becca Firtzpatrick has used a lot of creativity and imagination here, allowing the adventure to really breathe out and poison her readers minds till they are so addicted, that it becomes hard to put down. The book starts of where the last one finished, except it sort of has a cliff hanger ending to the chapter, one that leaves you going `noooo, why did he do that for', but you never really find out till later on in the book, because the first chapter starts with her escape and her being found.

In many ways the book is predictable, because your able to figure out who certain characters are, what there doing and how they fit into this plan, but there are still some hidden bits that make you question the character, and annoyingly you dont actually get the answers because the book ends on a huge and what I feel is, a major cligghanger! One thing that I do love about the novel, and for that matter the series, is the fact that the pages come alive as your reading it. In a world where fallen angels do not actually exist, you are able to picture them and image the magical scenes that Becca Fitzpatrick describes so well with words so simple. She shows the difficulties in relationships whilst touching on a topic that is perhaps hard to put into words if you have not suffered it yourself. But you can tell that this is more than just a book for her, this is a piece of art, something to be enjoyed and loved by all readers!

And I did find myself totally addicted to the book. It takes a lot for me to not want to put down a book, but with this one I wanted to carry on reading, and had I been allowed I probably would have taken it to the table with me at meal and snack times. I just found that there wasn't a dull moment in the book, and if it felt like there was going to be a dull moment, the characters sparked up in a way that had you forming questions about there actions and behaviours. It pretty much keeps you on your toes and I think that this is what makes a good novel, something that makes you thrive to get to the end, but also something that makes you want more when you do get to the end. I am thankful for the fact that I picked up Hush Hush randomly because I found the cover interesting, and hope that there will be more in the series as I feel that there is a lot of plotting going on within the lines.

A wonderful and adventure filled read. One that you can enjoy no matter what age, as long as your willing to let the child within you believe and become a part of it.

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