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More Deaths Than One , by Bryan Islip

More Deaths Than One
Paperback, 324 pages
Published October 1st 2009 by Pictures and Poems (first published November 14th 2008)
0955519322 (ISBN13: 9780955519321)
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More Deaths Than One
Thomas Thornton has settled down to expatriated family life in Saudi Arabia. He is wrongfully caught up in shariah law on drugs dealing charges then finds himself implicated in a far more universal situation. Injustice is a bitter pill - potentially a fatal one where your landing card is headlined in red italics: Death For Drugs Dealers. Even with a past life as explosive as that of Thomas Thornton's, what odds against a future for himself, his family; what of his love for the ways of Arabia?
My Review
Considering that this is really not the kind of book that I read on a day to day basis, it is one that I highly enjoyed. The while story line from beginning to end was captivating in the sense that I was really drawn into the story and all it was that was being told. I did feel that the introduction to the main character was rather long, but after reading the rest of the novel, you could see that it served its purpose in explaining to you his life story and the sort of person he is now, but also how other characters came into the picture and into the scene. Thomas is clearly a man who has many a dream and ambition and although he trails of the path a few times here and there, he eventually gets to a point where he is satisfied enough to settle down and enjoy the freedoms that he has, or well that is until someone frames him and takes away his freedom and rights.
I loved the way that the author represented this, because you automatically became conneceted to thomas. you felt the confusion and the fear, you started to wonder what on earth it was that they were accusing him off and how they had such evidence when you had no idea about it. you understood that no matter what, you were screwed over, because someone had framed you, and they had done a good job about. The only question is why, what was there meaning and purpose for doing such thing and why is no one telling you more information when its what you need. You can tell that the author has thought out the plot carefully, wanting to draw you in so that you never really knew what was happening and all the mean time wanted to go on the dangerous adventure that the others were placing themselves within.
The chapters flowed together and despite the fact that characters were introduced all over the place, you never really found yourself confused. you seemed to stay fairly on track the whole time, and you always knew where abouts you were. Watching, or rather reading, the novel through the eyes of the different characters for me really seemed to open my eyes to what was there and deeper within the pages. it certainly had you hooked, there was no worry or concern about that one. I do think that perhaps the introduction was a little over drawn, but I would have to say this would be my only cristicism. in general, I found myself wanting to read the next novel in the series immediately, but alas I do not have it to hand.
The cover, I would say, does not do the novel any justice. as pretty as the painting is, it does not really represent what the novel is about and I think that perhaps a more eye catching and riviting cover would really draw you in, because as much as they say, do not judge a book by its cover, many a reader, including myself, still does. Lets be honest, the captivating pictures always draw you in. 

didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing

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