Thursday, 9 August 2012

Somebody's Crying , by Maureen McCarthy

Somebody's Crying

Paperback - C Format, 371 pages
Published November 7th 2008 by Allen & Unwin
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Somebody's Crying
A murder in a country town is the backdrop for the story of three young people, Alice, Tom and Jonty, who are bound together because Alice's mother was murdered and Jonty is the suspect. This is a compulsive read from master storyteller Maureen McCarthy.

My Review
Dull, boring and slow? Yes that just about covers the entire context of the novel and the very fact that it was a predicatable story line that just was not much of a storyline in the first place. I could see where the idea of the story was coming from, but in more ways than one there was just this idealistic wrongess and tabooness to it that just didnt make it any more exciting. Most of the book I think I actually ended up skimming merely for the sake that it was just moving that slowly throughout and I was just starting to wonder why I was even bothering to read it still. I dont have a problem with books wanting ti change from character perspective every other chapter, but what I get annoyed with is the fact that it tried to hard in this case. It wanted to change from character to character and to character but then it also wanted to skip from present to past and that just made the book that much more confusing and didnt for me work at all. I didn't find myself connecting or relating to any of the characters within the novel and that of course was a very sad point to the novel because it meant for me it was just not the sort of book that you knew you would be able to relate and connect to.

For me, a good novel is one that inspires me to write a lengthy review on it, but for this I can only merely think of the very fact that the novel was boring. There was no doubt that the concept of it COULD have been interesting but it failed to be so. The idea of a murder mystery where no one knows who commited the crime is one that you hope to see everywhere you can, but at the same time it just wasnt played out the way that you imagine it to have done. In fact compared to most crime novels it was just a powerful lame excuse of a novel for me and I really failed to actually identify anything within it. It just bored me Im afraid.

didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing

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