Friday, 9 March 2012

Fever , by Amy Meredith

Fever (Dark Touch, #3)

Paperback, 240 pages
Published February 1st 2011 by Red Fox
1849411476 (ISBN13: 9781849411479)
edition language
Deepdene has been swept by what seems to be a vicious tropical disease. Luckily Eve and Jess are both healthy so they're taking their chance to enjoy the unseasonal heat wave. But then teenagers start to disappear. The spread of the disease worsens and the town is placed under lockdown. A demon is among them. It could be anybody. And now there's nowhere to go...The third title in this successful series. It is suitable for all fans of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Charmed" and "Twilight"
My Review
I love the fact that this series of books is cliche and yet at the same time somewhat unique because they always seem to have this ability to keep you on complete and utter edge, making you want to read on and on and on till you just can not sleep because your that awake. the book is a book that never seems to stop moving, there always seems to be something or another there that has the adrenaline running and racing, and your eyes scanning the pages. of course I feel the characters are not as fully developed as they could be, like you don't get to know them as well as you perhaps would in another book. BUT, you still get the main gist of what the book is about and it always seems to have another element to it that keeps you on your toes, wondering and engaging with the piece. I liked the fact that a new demon was introduced here, because it just seemed to be different to the first two books, but again there is that sort of clicheness to it.
I think the thing that I am most intrigued about in the series is Alanna, the person from the other group who just seems to have this very evil side to her, or at least an evil vibe that makes you ponder what she actually is. I really got this sense that she was not the sort of person you would want to run into at the end of the book, especially when she seemed to want to make sure that Eve was not hurt, yet the tone you got from the book was that she was hoping that actually she had been. I do love Eve, but although she is displayed as some high fashion maintenance person in the book, I really don't get that vibe from her in the book. I get this idea of someone who is more down to earth, who wants to do their best in everything and just wants to get along with everyone. Perhaps this is just the way we all form the characters in our own mind though?
I think the series is good and that it is the sort of series that is suitable for the young teen audience, however if they wanted to spike this up for the young adult audience it would need a little work on it, such as a little more depth and detail to really have you pulled into a whole new world. I do like the series though and will be completeing it with Betrayal and I would recommened it to anyone who wants a quick and easy read.  
didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing

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